Life is a Batch

Have a cookie!

Life is a Batch is a local Bakery in Altus, Oklahoma.  We specialize in cookies of all types and other hand crafted goodies.  We offer: Cookies, Pies, Cupcakes, Brownies, Cheeescake, and more!

BETA TEST__ Care Pack

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BETA TEST__ Care Pack

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Every Month, Life is a Batch Bakery will ship you or someone you care about one of our packages filled with cookies!  

Every month will contain 1 package full of freshly baked goodies.  


** Product may contain nuts and is prepared in a commercial kitchen where peanut products are used **

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Thank you for participating in the closed beta test group.  This product is only available to the pre-selected test audience.  If you try to get this package and are not a selected Beta Tester -- you will never receive your order and we will not ever be notified of it not shipping due to the closed and limited nature of this test. 


To the testers:  Thanks for helping us out!  I'll be in touch with some surveys soon :)