Life is a Batch

Have a cookie!

Life is a Batch is a local Bakery in Altus, Oklahoma.  We specialize in cookies of all types and other hand crafted goodies.  We offer: Cookies, Pies, Cupcakes, Brownies, Cheeescake, and more!

We're Open for Business!

We have come a long way in a whirlwind of the first few months of 2017.  We became an official LLC in January, found out Altus’s beloved baker was retiring, remodeled the shop, and launched our opening.  

We have seen overwhelming support from you guys!  We are amazed at how much you have embraced our goal to provide great quality at affordable prices in everything we offer. From Chocolate Chip cookies to Cheesecake we seek to provide all of those sweets that you need in your life!

For now, we do not make custom cakes for events.  We still offer our hand decorated custom cookies, custom cupcakes, or cookie cakes.  To make a cake to the quality and standard of the rest of what we offer, we simply cannot dedicate the time it would require (for now).  We may be able to do them when we expand, but to make sure everything is amazing in the shop, it’s not happening :)

Stay tuned for updates to the website including a Menu with pictures and a plethora of other things.  Big things are happening and will continue to happen with your support.